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Celestial Sphere Astrology

Shares the age-old system of divination practised cross-culturally from east to west, and 'reads the stars' relative to the timeline of an individual, relationship or event. By shining a light on our diverse and complex path, astrology illuminates the cosmic forces influencing our life with its many turning points.

Bridge Over River

Annual Forecasting

Embrace the gifts

Forecasting is the contemporary astrological process used to observe motions of the planets, and their associated effects upon terrestrial life over brief or long term periods. As astral influences stimulate various features of our chart; archetypal themes, developmental shifts and external events can be brought forth. Your forecasting session addresses these particulars, through a synthesis of methods that capture prominent planetary motions and their correlation to your natal figure. This session is a great way to check in with cosmic energies and make positive alignments as you meet changing conditions.     

Astonomical Clock

Natal & Forecasting

Gain insight

This package synthesises multiple chart analyses into one session. For a concise description of your natal chart in conjunction with a forecasting summary. The initial part of the session explores the astral structure of your natal figure, your innate qualities, personal strengths, limitations and potential life challenges. The latter half of the session draws upon several forecasting methods - to gauge the current celestial activities upon certain areas of your chart and how they might be integrated constructively.

Relationship Chart

Combined Forces - Synastry

The relationship chart comprises a mixture of synastric and composite techniques, to synthesise the astrological forces occurring between two people. When life paths, character and personal needs blend in relationship, energetic patterns emerge to create both harmonies and conflicts. By examining these factors via astrological influences, you've got a tool available to analyse what you innately feel and work with subconsciously.

Synastric (chart) comparison is considered in light of each person’s stage of development and the planetary cycles influencing your individual needs and qualities. The composite chart is another method synthesising natal energies, and it produces the distinct tone of your relationship and the lessons that emerge from it.


A relationship chart can be conducted for all sorts of interactions, to foster greater harmony between parent-child, partners, family, friends or even work colleagues.

Lovers Holding Hands
Fall Foliage

Single Session

Talk Through

A single session is a brief service for you to address an area of your chart in more detail. It can be used as a stand-alone session to clarify a topic or applied to others services as a time extension. Note that for any topics raised outside CSAs scope of practise - a referral can be explored to self-refer your needs to a relevant helping source. 

Zodiac Chart

Natal Chart (Horoscope) 

The Template

For centuries people have studied the heavens to understand their earthly life, and marvel at the intimate relationship between human nature and sky. The horoscope or natal chart has been used as a popular gateway, as the link to apprehend our life circumstances through celestial influences in fascinating detail. During a natal reading with Celestial Sphere Astrology;

  • Discover the planetary energies shaping distinct areas of your life (i.e. work & relationships)

  • Become more attuned to the zodiacal archetypes colouring your emotions and mind

  • Clarify a sense of personal purpose and pinpoint your strengths, 

  • Address personal difficulties and gain new perspectives

  • Define a suitable vocation based on the skills depicted in your chart, and

  • Accept the path you tread, which is a deeply individual experience.

To marvel at the sky is to marvel at the origin of life and wonder who am I? 

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