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Hej, my name is Mina and welcome to Celestial Sphere Astrology - a space dedicated to your personal growth, from a universal perspective. I’m an Australian based astrologer and super studious Virgo, with an enduring appetite for higher knowledge that explores the nature of our existence and creation we live in. Astrology has been an insightful medium in satiating this appetite, and in sharing the tradition with others, I venture to stimulate higher thinking, clarify complexities and prompt those aha moments. 

Celestial Sphere Astrology


Spanning more than a decade of learning and practise several years, my aim is to pellucidly ‘read’ the symbolism of a chart, to one who’s curious. The Sydney Astrology School is where I gained initial training, and invaluable lessons to live harmoniously with cosmic cycles and their archetypal influences. My astrological practise is aligned with this ethos and a compendium of western astrological teachings from historical to contemporary. Natal astrology is my particular area of interest, where I examine the timeline of an individual, their personal disposition and external circumstances relative to planetary conditions. 

Please note: CSA services are intended for informational purposes. They're rooted in diligent study, mentoring from my experienced teachers and open dialogue with clients - no fanciful psychic abilities. Financial/medical astrology is omitted, and chart services for persons under 18yrs require parental (or guardian) consent & presence in session.

Buddha Statue


 I hold a Practitioner's Diploma of Astrology, gained through the F.A.A and am a member of the Association of Professional Astrologer’s International. I'm also a qualified counsellor registered with the Australian Counselling Association, and committed to upholding client confidentiality and best practise in counselling/astrological settings. 

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