My name is Mina and I welcome you to Celestial Sphere Astrology - a space dedicated to your personal growth and self-understanding. I’m an Australian based astrologer and studious Virgo, who loves to explore subjects that stimulate higher-thinking, especially from a universal outlook. In sharing the knowledge I’ve cultivated and find supportive and insightful, I hope that you gain much benefit and live with greater clarity and happiness.

Celestial Sphere Astrology


As an age-old system of divination practised cross-culturally from east to west, the trained eye can 'read the stars' relative to the timeline of an individual, relationship or event. As a sacred practise, astrology shines light on an often clouded path. To illuminate the interactive relationship between cosmos and man – and abet us through life's cyclical transformations.

My astrological training was undertaken through the Sydney Astrology School, where I learned the art of living in step with cosmic energies and their archetypal influences. Spanning more than a decade of interest and practise several years, my aim is to be a pellucid mouthpiece for a chart and ‘read’ the symbolism, to one who’s curious. I work in context of both traditional and modern perspectives and hold a Practitioner's Diploma of Astrology, gained through the Federation of Australian Astrologers.

*I'm also member of the Association of Professional Astrologer’s International. My services are based on diligent learning and not psychic abilities. Financial/marriage forecasting is currently omitted and chart services for persons under 18yrs, require written parental or guardian approval and presence in session.

Buddha Statue


In support of a robust astrological practise, I employ relevant counselling principles and deliver services within a confidential and collaborative framework. As a registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association, I'm committed to ongoing professional development and best practises.