Astrological Forecasting

 Astrological Forecasting Explained

Forecasting is the contemporary term for predictive astrology that looks at time ahead, to ascertain the impact of moving celestial bodies upon a horoscopes planetary configurations. Forecasting is not a magic trick - but a complex process of delineating celestial calculations, that gauge the unfoldment of a natal charts condition over time from subtle to gross manifestations. Forecasting involves many tools that can help us consciously navigate life and prepare for the beginning and end of life cycles, process change, manage gains and losses, identify shifts in mood, career, finances and relationships. The tools are; 

  • Transits

  • Progressions

  • Solar Arcs

  • Planetary Returns

  • Profections, Triplicities, Directions, Ages of Man etc. (traditional astrology)


Are cyclical movements of planets through the zodiac as they orbit the Sun. They detail ephemeral passages over our chart and stimulate potentials latent within natal planetary positions. Transiting planets infuse our life with their vibrational tones to activate, awaken, pressure or temporarily slow us down. Tracking transits can be an effective way to prepare for oncoming change, ascertain the duration of phases and trends in our life and plan activities within certain periods. All the 'planets' within the zodiac have different nature and subsequent influences and transiting periods, that we have free rein to respond to and integrate within our life experience.

  • Inner Planets from Sun-Jupiter have the shortest transit time and act swiftly to activate the business of our daily life.  

  • Outer planets from Saturn-Pluto have the longest transit duration, and significantly effect structural changes within our life that can be easy or troublesome. 

  • The angles (Midheaven-IC and Ascendant-Descendant) are four sensitive points that become enlivened by transiting planets, and signify a chapter of life sure to undergo significant change and even some type of rejuvenation. 

  • The houses play landlord to transiting planets and become reshaped in some way, as the touring planet/s infuse their characteristics within an area of life that stimulate our attention and behaviour.  

  • Planetary transits can have observable effects or cruise by without much visibility. They work from the outside in and impact us at a level we individually resonate with.


Progressions refer to inner psycho-emotional dynamics that stem from our natal chart. Unfurling slowly over time, they're calculated by a day for year formula. As we develop, progressed planets and their associated functions steadily mature, triggering thoughts and feelings in relation to their archetypal urges. In contrast to transits although working in tandem, progressed energies operate inside-out. They account for the subtle inner-dimension of life that naturally evolves throughout our life cycle. 

Solar Arc  

Solar Arcs (SA) are an important forecasting tool used alongside other methods. SA's are derived from the Sun’s movement over time as it highlights areas of our chart and change that is naturally occurring. The manifestation of SA energy can feel like a mixture of transits and progressions, whereby an internal attitude toward something in our life shifts and outer events may coincide to validate it. SA contacts are brief and not always observable, yet when their impact is felt, they release an internal process marked by the planetary archetype that we can actively integrate and utilise effectively.

Planetary Returns

When a planet transits the zodiac and returns (Return) to its natal position in our chart, this process signifies a new cycle that kick starts the energy at the source of it. A Return can be drafted for any planet but most commonly occurs for the Sun, to highlight overarching themes for the new cycle in association with the energy of that planet. In combination with other forecasting methods, Returns give more fill to the sandwich of life and provide further information about events, themes and psychological influences as they unfold for that planetary cycle. 

Profections, Triplicities, Directions and Firdaria

These ancient techniques are gaining resurgence of practise within western astrology. Being reliable forecasting tools, they are used in conjunction with the natal chart to ascertain the course of life and the many events that punctuate it. In support of contemporary methods stated above, these techniques broaden the scope of understanding our lives and the sequence of events that occur within it.  

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