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What is Astrology?

Astrology is simply translated as the science of the stars and tradition spanning many global cultures, that examine the influential natures of celestial forms upon life on earth and sublunary matter. Astrology mustn't be confused with spiritual practises - it does not touch the nature of the soul, nor provide unequivocal answers to questions around our existence and identity that have a tendency to plague our human mind. The answers to these questions exist within legitimate philosophical, religious and spiritual doctrines and are eternal immutable facts. Astrology is relegated to the material realm and machinations upon our embodied life, which is driven by changing activities and the energetic influence of all-pervading and progressive time. 


Astrology is best practised as hermetic science, that does deal with the metaphysics in life. For mentalities that are unaccustomed to consider the imperceivable influences of subtle forces operating around them with reliable knowledge compiled through centuries of 


Astronomy is the premise of astrological analysis...

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