The Natal Chart

Defining the Cosmic Blueprint 

The natal chart is a cosmic gift that orients our existence to a certain point in time and space, and it yields knowledge of our embodied existence here, on the material plane. Being a visual structure of our subjective and objective world, the natal chart is a tool to evaluate our internal landscape and the external events that may unfold. The natal chart is cast through a range of mathematical calculations, revealing geometric links between celestial bodies and their concomitant earthly impressions. The main planetary bodies assessed in a chart are the;

  • Sun (the hero): identity and egocentric view, willpower, vitality, strength, sense of duty, assertive drive to succeed in the world, influential power, male figures, palaces

  • Moon (the carer): subjective mind, nostalgia for the past, intuition and feelings, needs for nurturing, creativity, maternal nature, emotional responses, females, clan and bonded connections

  • Mercury (the student): intellectual and communicative faculties, dexterity, rational/logical mind, memory, opinions and friends, writing

  • Venus (the lover): urge to harmonise, romantic love, devotion, self-esteem, aesthetic tastes and attractions to beauty, decor, female figures 

  • Mars (the fighter) conflict, physical drive, primal sexual urge, explosive energy, anger, fighting/conquering spirit, bravado and risk-taking, military, sharp instruments

  • Jupiter (inner teacher): expansion, grace, higher mind and values, wealth, grand ideas, principles, optimism, religious and moral disposition, books, broadcasting

  • Saturn (the critic): responsibility, self-discipline, contraction, authority, strategy, obstacles, slow development, concerted efforts and economy, vaults, desolate areas

  • Uranus (the rebel): universal freedom, boundary breaking, shock factor, progress, unconventional urges and needs, eccentricity, nervous energy, electricity

  • Neptune (the mystic): urges toward spiritual oneness, psychic sensitivity, universal compassion, pervious borders, chaos, faith, intuition and refined beauty, oceans

  • Pluto (the controller): urge toward rebirth and transformation, principle of destruction and elimination, power and control, crisis, dungeons, inheritances and urges to boldly penetrate core of experience

Alongside other natal chart factors such as zodiacal signs and houses, we find an individual map of the psyche, varied life-experience, external activities, eases/flows and people we relate with. Extending beyond the personal sphere, a chart can be drafted for other contexts - to gauge the impact of planetary bodies and their configurations within economic, social or political situations. As a starting point the natal chart is a fascinating gateway, to learn much more about ourselves, and reflect upon the nature we've inherited through the celestial influences. 

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