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The Natal Chart

Defining the Universal Blueprint 

Astrological art and science stretches far and wide. Its foundation lies upon the belief that terrestrial life is intimately connected to planetary force and movement. To understand the particulars, and how they relate to us - we are gifted the natal chart. A map of the cosmos depicting the arrangement of planetary beings, in orbit of the Sun at the time of our brith. Astronomical calculations produce this phenomena, which is entirely personal to us, rich in symbology and directly related to the conditions of our health, characteristic nature, life trajectory and relationships, monetary conditions, professional activities, successes and personal challenges. Depending upon the astrological discipline, seven to ten planets (incl. luminaries) are shown. The planetary beings are the most important feature of astrology, as they form the structure of our inner nature and external life circumstances through the assignment of various rulerships.   

           the Sun governs our sense of identity, ambition, willpower, masculine energy, vitality, strength, conditions around honour               and success, powers of influence and prestige, personal reputation, relationship to father, male figures, rules daytime 

           the Moon relates to our emotional urges and responses, impulses to nurture and be nurtured, feminine energy, women                  particularly mother, domestic urges, habituated emotional behaviour, tradition and connections to the past, rules the night

           Mercury rules intellectual and communicative faculties, rational and logical mind, trickery, language, frenetic mental                      energy, writing, science, negotiating and business trading

           Venus impels us to form emotional bonds through relationships, she rules enjoyments, expressions of love and lust,

           creativity, artistry, sweet tastes, music, beauty, vanity, adornments, fashion and female figures

           Mars is the action principle and produces impulsiveness, he rules anger, passion, heat, intensity, primal sexual urge,                     conquering spirit, war, conflict, competitiveness, risk-taking, sharp instruments, iron, fire and brothers 

           Jupiter urges expansion of consciousness, cultivating higher knowledge, provides opportunities to grow, sense of ease and             liberation from suffering, conditions around wealth, rules philosophy, religion, moral disposition, excesses, wisdom, faith

          Saturn impels structure and control, fearfulness, privation, isolation, self-discipline, restrictive influences and obstacles,                    slow developments, rules physical buildings and land, time, pessimism, dispassion, endurance, breakdowns and poverty

          Uranus urges breaking down of borders and vying for freedom, rebellious spirit, domestic indifference, unconventional                  behaviour and attitude, technological developments, sudden change and impulses toward radical experiences

          Neptune urges dissolution of personal boundaries, yearns for universal unity and everlasting love, psychic sensitivity,                    creative intuition, produces chaos and confusion, fantasy, escapist behaviour, addictions and deception   


          Pluto urges deep transformation and rebirth, impels destruction, elimination, power and control, induces crises, steel like                strength, obsessions and psychological complexes

Extending beyond the personal sphere, an astrological chart involving the planets can be drafted for other contexts, to gauge

the impact of planetary conditions within economic and socio-political climates. As a personal tool however, the natal chart is an amazing celestial lens, made available for us to view our life clearly as we interact with the celestial forces overhead.

To learn about your natal chart schedule an appointment online

or phone +61 432 150 653.


Astrologer Writing Natal Chart
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