The Natal Chart

Defining the Cosmic Blueprint 

The natal chart is a cosmic gift that orients our existence to a point in time and space. It yields knowledge of our embodied existence on the material plane. The natal chart is a visual structure of our subjective and objective world, that we can evaluate to understand our personal landscape and the external events that unfold. The natal chart is cast through a range of complex astronomical calculations, and the expression of the charts content rests with our individual choices.


Astrological analysis of a natal chart encompasses the following celestial bodies - that represent a map of the psyche, archetypal imagery, objective goods and people we relate with. 

  • Sun (the hero): identity and egocentric view, willpower, vitality, strength, sense of duty, assertive drive to succeed in the world, influential power, male figures, palaces

  • Moon (the carer): subjective mind, nostalgia for the past, intuition and feelings, needs for nurturing, creativity, maternal nature, emotional responses, females, clan and bonded connections

  • Mercury (the student): intellectual and communicative faculties, dexterity, rational/logical mind, memory, opinions and friends, writing

  • Venus (the lover): urge to harmonise, romantic love, self-esteem and values, aesthetic tastes and attractions to beauty, decor, females 

  • Mars (the fighter) self-assertion, physical drive, primal sexual urge, explosive energy, anger, fighting/conquering spirit, bravado and risk-taking, military, sharp instruments

  • Jupiter (inner teacher): expansion, grace, higher mind and values, wealth, grand ideas, principles, optimism, religious and moral disposition, books, churches

  • Saturn (the critic): responsibility, self-discipline, contraction, authority, strategy, obstacles, slow development, concerted efforts and economy, vaults, desolate areas

  • Uranus (the rebel): universal freedom, boundary breaking, shock factor, progress, unconventional urges and needs, eccentricity, nervous energy, electricity

  • Neptune (the mystic): urges toward spiritual oneness, psychic sensitivity, universal compassion, pervious borders, chaos, faith, intuition and refined beauty, oceans

  • Pluto (the controller): urge toward rebirth and transformation, principle of destruction and elimination, power and control, crisis, dungeons, inheritances and urges to boldly penetrate core of experience

Extending beyond the personal sphere, a horoscope chart can be drafted for other contexts - to gauge the impacts of planetary configurations within economic, social or political situations. However, as a starting point, the natal chart is a fascinating tool to learn about the influence of the space bodies and how we relate to them.

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