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Chiron - In the Signs

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Chiron's manifestation through the signs and corresponding house –

Aries – insecurity around identity, self-assertion, self-sufficiency and in some cases masculinity, from experiences surrounding a violation of some kind that results in acute pain and sensitivity. Aries needs to express itself independently and impulses without hindrance so a wound here can block the natural urges resulting in protracted anger, restlessness, fears of rejection and risk-taking. These woes can dampen the fire in Aries or spur the warrior on, to harness the innate courage it has and overcome personal barriers that stand in the way of achievement needs and the cultivation of a firm sense of self that can ‘conquer’.

Taurus – survival fears. Not earning enough, having enough, being enough. Body issues can be prominent as senses are over-indulged and hoarding behaviours, due to underlying fears of scarcity and loss of resource. Shelter and security can become an obsession to maintain oneself as experiences of resources taken away, impress the consciousness with deep fears of exposure to the brutalities of life and fears of repeat experience. Chiron Taurus can quell the pain by learning to acquire what’s necessary, and not overcompensate with having too much – thus learning to feel comfortable with changes that are inevitable and adapting to the tides as they wash in.

Gemini – fears and pain surrounding intelligence and speech. Early messages perceived in being dumb or not having anything useful to say, disrupting Chiron Gemini’s ability to learn, connect and communicate effectively with others. Nervousness and inferiority around cleverness and academic capability, effect willingness to succeed at personal objectives that manifest as an unquenchable thirst to learn everything and have more qualifications than needed. Chiron Gemini can be a lost student without a teacher and benefit from an encouraging and empathetic guide and develop courage around sharing their wealth of knowledge to mend insecurities and build the self-esteem they require.

Cancer – crisis or pain around love and loving another, shelter, family and having personal roots to identify safely with. There can be hardships with maternal figure/s, experiences of neglect and fears around emotionally letting go of what’s familiar even if harmful. Chiron Cancer is a water element thus sensitive to the environment and needs fluid love and deep bonds to feel nourished. These themes can confront Chiron Cancer repeatedly until the fears are addressed safely and outgrown. Believing in one’s lovability is half the battle won, through self-acceptance that eases inner pangs and thus establish secure relationships with others. Cancer likes to express itself through affectionate gestures and speech, so work in nursing, teaching, cooking, caring for children, the elderly and even animals are ways to positively channel and heal Chiron’s pain.

Leo – insecurity and pain around perceived lack of specialness and self-worth. Leo is naturally creative, driven, generous, playful and desirous of recognition and acceptance from others. By feeling inadequate in these areas of life Leo can become timid, harsh and deflated and the eagerness it has to participate in activities that enable Leo to shine brightly. In developing a strong self-concept divorced from external validation sought from others, Chiron Leo and dissipate the pain around having to perform for acceptance and live from the heart bursting with fullness..

Virgo – wound around one’s purpose and usefulness in life. Feeling perpetually incompetent, unintelligent and even physically unattractive. Chiron Virgo can become hyper critical of itself and of others as the Mind-body connection is strongly part of Virgo’s domain, and sensitivity to any ill can induce hypochondria and compulsivity. Should Virgo relinquish the hysteria, learn to relax and allow things to run at their own pace, the wonders of Virgo’s natural talents and creative flow of energy become available for engagement. As Chiron Virgo learns to see the great qualities in themselves, they can serve others with confidence formerly dreamt of and be satisfied with their efforts.

Libra – can have crisis around relationships and maintaining individual identity with personal boundaries. Insecurities can also be found around expressing artistic talents and creating something others will appreciate, which is aesthetically appealing. Fears of abandonment and having one’s identity moulded or absorbed by another, Libra can struggle with resisting stronger influences and maintaining their need at all costs to keep things in balance and order. Compromise and over-extension in partnership are hard lessons learned over time, and how to identify personal worth and value outside of a standard imposed upon them by another. Gaining courage to express artistic gifts and appreciate their many abilities, Chiron Libra develops a strong self-concept and personal security.

Scorpio – pain around deep transformational urges that feel like they’ll result in death. Chiron Scorpio can harbour trauma, fear and anxiety around penetrating their psycho-emotional needs and existential fears to reveal the true content within and heal it. If the impulses are ignored a perverted outlet can appear through torturous thoughts and feelings, self-harm or violence can be directed to others in a bid to resolve their inner struggles. Chiron Scorpio can feel consistent pressures to heal right at the core and unearth the toxic muck that clutters the heart and drags it down. This persistent impulse can be frightening until Chiron Scorpio harnesses it, and accesses the regenerative power it stores naturally. Chiron Scorpio can face fears like no other and in transmuting the pain be a rock of compassion and strength to others who need to face their inner darkness.

Sagittarius – can have crisis around their belief system, religion and worldview. Damaged trust due to feelings of abandonment from a higher power and lacking congruent connection. Sagittarius makes large investments that take a leap of faith and when that’s been damaged, internal struggles abound in understanding life’s fundamental purpose and place in the world. Chiron’s pain can induce the need to seek truth outside and within, to reconcile the internal split from being universally disconnected. Being impelled by a need for spiritual recovery, Chiron Sagittarius can find solace in contemplation, prayer, higher knowledge, travel or spiritual teachers who inspire Sagittarius to trust in life’s higher reality.

Capricorn – wound around success, achievement, productivity and being able to live up to one’s responsibilities. Capricorn feels impelled to reach the apex of life and establish their value through ambitious desires. Underlying fears of inadequacy around wealth and status can play heavily on Chiron Capricorn’s mind, leading to heavy scrutiny of what others have. Learning to release the reigns and redress the dream of ultimate material security - Chiron Capricorn’s do-or-die work-ethic can be adjusted to something temperate, which enables them to experience the simpler joys in life and experience something fun and loving.

Aquarius – can feel pain around group identity and conformance to conventional social standards. Chiron Aquarius can feel like the quintessential alien in a society of otherwise ‘normal’ people. The outsider complex can be acutely felt when they try to suppress their difference and stifle self-expression that needs an outlet. As Chiron Aquarius has a trove of endearing ideas, quirks and oddities, they can be channelled into productive works that are creative and service-oriented. Interacting with people who appreciate Chiron Aquarius' bold-expression, this energy is fresh, intelligent and able to help others with serious ingenuity.

Pisces – crisis around attunement to the world’s collective pain. Chiron Pisces can take on the world’s difficulties without keeping personal boundaries and maintain guilt for trying to divorce themselves from it and live peacefully. The yearning to heal the world can become too self-sacrificial and lead to compassion fatigue, lest their generosity isn’t tempered. The deep sensitivity of Chiron Pisces to look outside themselves, acknowledges the pervasive universal connection that unites us all and for Chiron Pisces’ - the great asset they have to uplift others when managed maturely on the basis of faith and love.


Chiron: Healing Body & Soul, Lass

Understanding the birth chart: K. Burk

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