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Chiron – The Wounded Healer

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Astronomically, Chiron is a small icy body existing in outer space. Referred to as an asteroid, dwarf planet or comet, Chiron was discovered by astronomer Charles Kowal, in November 1977. The space body was noted for having an unusual elliptical orbit around the Sun - inside Saturn and Uranus, clocking 50.45 years to complete its journey through the zodiac.

Mythologically, Chiron was a male Centaur born to fascinating lineage. Cronus the Titan and Philyra sea nymph, whom Chiron inherited great strength and high learning. Being proficient in healing/medicine, metaphysical arts, learned in philosophy and sciences, Chiron’s expertise also endeared him to many people who sought his knowledge and skills. Earning Chiron a widely known reputation as a noble and wise teacher, he was also famed for his valour which gave him title of wounded healer.

It’s said that during a battle between the centaurs one starry night, Chiron was accidentally shot by a poisoned arrow of Heracles, yet being immortal he was unable to die. Chiron did suffer excruciating pain through from the infliction and whilst trying to extract the weapon, he noticed Prometheus crying out for help, and in compassion offered his immortal life to save him. The Greek Gods being pleased with Chiron’s selflessness, awarded him elevation to the heavens and situated Chiron in the constellation of Sagittarius, the truth seeker and emblem of morality and freedom. Chiron’s nature also affiliates him with the zodiacal sign of Virgo to carry on his legacy, and modalities that heal body, mind and spirit together harmoniously.

When Chiron was sighted in the 1970s and designated the mighty centaur’s name, it coincided with an interesting time in history, when the western world tuned into natural health and lifestyle practises. This synchronicity connected Chiron’s myth to the busy people of earth and enabled us to connect Chiron individually within our natal chart.

As a key to unlocking personal experiences around psycho-emotional and spiritual health, Chiron underscores inner pain with a gift, ready to harness if we choose to. Chiron’s pain was transmuted through a courageous act of self-sacrifice, affording him a higher evolutionary existence. His story in our chart then suggests a source of acute pain through stress that we feel the need to transmute and become healed. Manifestations of Chiron’s wound in our life are definitely not easy to bear, yet in courageously removing the arrow we can work toward wholeness and freed of the temporary pain.

Chiron’s domain can be seen in disciplines that represent holistic healing, and afford a natural view of connecting the body, mind and spirit all-encompassing. These practises range from; AA to counselling, homeopathy, naturopathy and massage; Ayurvedic & Chinese medicine, yoga, spas and detox centres/retreats, purging and restorative practises, shamanism, water work, art and music therapy, wellness rituals and healthy eating.

Being an outer ‘planet’ Chiron’s influence is generational, so people born of the same year will have Chiron in the same sign, yet feel the manifestation differently according to personal circumstances. Note that Chiron’s ‘stuff’ can really sting as his story is deeply lodged within our mind and when triggered by transiting influences, flare intensity of the wound, yet act as powerful catalyst for us to address the imbalance.

Our awareness, sensitivity and desire to change ignites the natural inclination toward restoration, and facing Chiron with a brave desire expedites the process. Addressing Chiron’s wound and effects within our consciousness can be extremely hard yet rewarding. As we strive for conscious upliftment through growth and like Chiron become better situated.


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