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Moon in the Houses

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Astrologically the Moon in our natal chart represents our mind – the subjective inner world of thought and feeling that’s supported by an emotional appetite. The Moon is the ‘planet’ of our emotional cravings, yearnings for love (non erotic) and longings to feel safe. It has an absorbent nature that can be highly reactive, instinctive and also creative. Being the seat of emotion, the Moon is the part of our consciousness that we feel pleasure and pain, and associate the changing landscape of life experience with colourful moods like happiness, grief or lamentation. The Moon is primarily urged toward gaining security and satisfaction that will last a lifetime and its placement in the chart suggests where we strive to meet these aims and invest our energy in cultivating. Archetypically the Moon represents the maternal force (yin energy) that is geared toward care and sensitivity, and as a principle of nurturance the Moon likes to give and receive love which makes it a very tender and sensitive entity.

Understanding the characteristic nature of our Moon can give us insight into the constitution of our inner world, that’s dominated by unconscious habits and feelings, attachments and strong desires for satisfaction. Astrological symbolism details the complex orientation of our Moon and the inherent disposition we have in accord with any of the12 placements it can take within the horoscope.

Moon 12th House

The 12th house is a mysterious environment and not logically understood. It relates to the unseen realm of psychic phenomena, dreams, unconscious processes and refined states of consciousness. Being succeeded by our beta state that is so often in effect, the contents of this house remains a mystery until our attention is directed there. With the emotional landscape of someone entering into this zone, the 12th house becomes activated and embodied with great sensitivity. Metaphysical flavours and creative urges underpinning this space colour the Moon person’s nature, while the watery energy deepens thoughts and feelings. The reserved nature of this house can disincline the Moon to overt emotional displays, in preference of subtle yet profound expressions and connections with others that maintain the need for emotional security. This concealed nature typical of the 12th house can produce a soul-searching quality to someone, as the Moon person’s landscape isn’t so visible and in many ways remains a mystery. As a result, the emotional nature of the Moon here can be quite withdrawn, periodically brought to the surface by triggers to reveal a more open expression. The abstract nature of this house can also divert the Moon toward much sympathy, in considering spiritual or esoteric matters and other-worldly experiences. Being motivated to meet an existence that lies far beyond the mundane realm, the Moon person can also be drawn to practises that explore the curiously intangible and seek the soul’s liberation. Through deep reverie, periods of solitude, meditation or artistic works, the esoteric nature of this space is where the Moon is emotionally fed. Also imbued with much compassion this house can encourage acts of great charity, and acts of faith in trusting a higher power that will take care of the Moon person emotionally. Occupations in the arts, music, care roles and mental health can be suited to 12th house Moon, as the person has a wonderful ability to nurture others with great empathy, patience and feeling.

Moon 11th House

The Moon’s placement in our chart indicates where our heart lies and the area of life that gains importance from an emotional standpoint. Located in the 11th house, one’s heart is focussed on the broader world, establishing strong social connections, friendships and working toward objectives with likeminded people. This house is known for its team spirit and vast social awareness, which flavours one’s emotional life with a palpable need to be of service to humanity and a part of something. Giving back to society in a selfless way and sharing in a group scene, the Moon person may persistently search out causes or projects they can invest their spirit passionately, to effect change and make significant contributions. This characteristic can attract the Moon person to many different networks of people, who share their hopes, dreams and values in making progressive shifts in society. As emotional urges are directed to many activities and vast numbers of peers, the Moon person can place them in high esteem and feel as close to them as family. The Moon urges us to forge familial like bonds and establish a sense of belonging, so the 11th house provides the foreground for this to occur and fulfil the need deeply. However, being a relatively impersonal space for the very personal Moon, an unusual chord can be struck with others, to ensure emotional bonds are firmly maintained with distance and a respect for personal freedom. This house is individualistic and can bring about a bug bear in the life of 11th house Moon, who takes time to grow into the idiosyncrasy and understand how to balance their emotional needs for closeness and freedom within social situations. For the Moon person, their sweet spot is often in relating to people socially and working together toward a cause, whilst maintaining safe emotional distance and not letting people in too closely. Additionally, this space can induce political mindedness as the Moon takes on the Aquarian flavour and becomes concerned with societal issues and their universal implications. Thus charged with a spirit of advocacy and fighting for a purpose with zeal, the Moon person can be driven with ardent determination to get out there and make a difference others feel. Technological advances and creative thinking also rally lunar spirits, as the visionary nature of this space can stimulate the Moon’s innovative thinking. Vocationally this placement can lend one toward architectural design and project work that requires a progressive spirit and imaginative mindset.

Moon 10th House

This area of life is where we seek achievement in the wider world. It’s a prominent house facing the public domain and unsheltered by the opposing 4th house is a space of private security. The 10th house describes our career, reputation, relationship to authority and standard of success. Its original Saturnian rulership embeds it with a structured nature, sense of duty and ambitions for self-mastery. With the Moon placed here these matters become very prominent in one's life and supported by a burning urge to see them actualised. Vocationally one’s endeavours to achieve success and security can spurn a lifelong search, for the right situation that will provide the deepest level of emotional fulfilment. To the neglect of other key areas, the search might even become an obsession, as the Moon’s cravings for achieving 10th house goals are so strong everything else becomes a lesser priority. As hard work is this houses domain being underscored by the Saturnine nature, the Moon person is oriented doggedly in labouring toward their ambitions. This commitment be it admirable could can become a struggle at times, should the Moon person’s drive for success impinge upon life’s simple joys and sacrifice their other desires. This house represents the reputation following on the heels of our conduct and work, so one might be overly concerned with their work-ethic and subconsciously gaining approval from others to validate it. In terms of nurturing, the 10th house Moon may be emotionally reserved and extend their affection through practical demonstrations - like excelling at their job tediously to provide sufficient resource and security for people they care for. The 10th house is also known to represent the fatherly figure or masculine force and with the feminine lunar energy mixing within this space, a strong paternal energy can present a very capable, mature and deeply caring person. In the professional sphere these qualities can be an appealing combination, for one involved in lunar roles requiring a balance in compassion and fortitude like health care, social work, family counselling, nursing and even within business management.

*The Moon situated at the Midheaven (MC) will strengthen the need to express the lunar self, through one’s vocation that is matched as perfectly in quality to the Moon’s nature (zodiac sign) and personal values. Just like all angles in the chart are boosted in strength by an adjoining planet – here at the MC vocation is pronounced in life and inextricably linked to one’s emotional needs and feelings of personal productivity. A conscientious nature is impressed within someone with a Lunar MC and often relentless urges (pending sign/aspects) to achieve personal goals with wholehearted energy. Strong needs for independence can also accompany this angular Moon, tendencies to overwork, public engagements and powerful leadership skills.

Moon 9th House

The Moon here imbues a person with urges to explore 9th house terrain and deepens emotional cravings for a life of rich experience. Travel, exploration, learning and cultural curiosity to name a few, as one’s driven by a thirst for excitement, knowledge, spontaneity and freedom. A rolling stone or soul-searcher can archetypically describe the style here, as the Moon can produce a sense of restlessness, quelled by movement and enquiry into various fields of activity. The best classroom for the Moon can often be the great outdoors, feeling home on the move and interacting with the wider world of diverse people, which greatly satisfies them and also provides a canvas to paint their life upon. Developing firm beliefs, faith in life and a philosophical framework to live by is important for someone here, as the passion derived from such emotional investment provide a sense of contentment and security. Higher education synonymous with this space can also be favoured by the Moon, as developing intellectual faculties that broaden their mind can bring about emotional satisfaction. This might involve tertiary studies or building a personal library filled with a variety of literature and artefacts, that tell a story about the Moon person’s interests and subjects that emotionally feed them. As the fiery nature underlying this house induces both physical and mental activity, if one isn’t engaged they can become easily bored, lacklustre and moody. Meeting life’s challenges and achieving personal aspirations is important to the Moon here as is a life lived in meaning, often guided from an intuitive response to a higher calling. Guru’s and special teachers can be encountered to shine a light on one’s path, which the Moon person welcomes – especially in unravelling the mysteries of life they’re intrigued by. Being fascinated with different cultures a 9th house Moon can also have a wide range of friends, from diverse backgrounds who excite their taste for differences and delight in foreign things. As the Moon person is inspirited by new experiences and often changing times, the underlying Sagittarian spirit of this house can urge them optimistically toward life excitement and share widely with an audience - their knowledge, verve and wisdom.

Moon 8th House

Emotional privacy is a prominent theme with the Moon situated here, as the 8th house is a repository for concealed objects, private dispositions, fears and unconscious processes. The Lunar person feels innately compelled to keep their inner world safe and can be quite suspicious of others who are openly demonstrative with their feelings. The Moon sat within this house is marked by acute sensitivity, and emotions that run deeper than a well urging them toward intimate bonds and profound intensity. In trying to reach the depth of their needs the Moon person can project them onto others, which might be cause for disappointment at times and confrontation if their expectation for need fulfilment isn’t reciprocated. The 8th house is flavoured by our transformation needs and compulsions toward existential change, which the Moon yearns for in this position albeit most secretly. At the shadow side of this placement the Moon can brood in distemper, fixate on emotional complexes, power struggles, addictions and negative behaviours. At a more balanced expression the Moon person can be attuned to their emotional needs in connection with the darker sides of themselves their aware of and fascinated with. Emotional scrutiny, fearlessness and surviving life are key lessons to the 8th house Moon, as the taxing nature of this area can deal some heavy blows, the Moon person develops resilience from and harnesses as an iron-clad will. When used in service of others as a compassionate tool, occupations that channel the Moon’s qualities in this space can be first response, criminal investigation, mental health and crisis support. The intuition gained from this placement can also be right off the scale, as the Moon’s gut instinct is strong and becomes a reliable compass in supporting their decision making. Nurturing needs are very deep for the Moon person yet not open to all, as they’re selective in whom they trust and offer their absolute care and devotion to. Till death do we part is a phrase the 8th house Moon believes, being built of the tough stuff and fully prepared to invest themselves for the long haul in deeply loving relationships. Themes of investment beyond the psycho-emotional realm also suggests that the 8th house Moon, has lessons in shared resource and dependency matters that affect their survival needs and personal worth. Finally, a keen artistic flair from the mystical 8th house can be imprinted upon the Lunar mind, which uses creative talents in therapeutic ways that channel their deep and private imagination.

Moon 7th House

The 7th house is the place where we meet lots of people and learn how to cooperate with them through diplomacy and negotiation. With the Moon situated here, these themes are prominent in the life as one is attracted to cultivating relationships, feeling especially bonded to others through their emotional reactions. As the 7th house traditionally indicates our relationship need projections, the archetypal qualities of one’s Moon in this space are met through the medium of other people. One might attract very lunar types who are moody and sensitive, change their mind easily or be hard to pin down emotionally. Emotional Balance for one with the Moon here is largely dependent on the treatment they receive from others, as the Moon person rates other people’s feelings above their own quite often and depends on their approval to feel secure. Such a dynamic can be tricky to manage as the Moon person feels a perpetual need to gain good opinion, and if they’re feeling less than stellar, other people’s moods can knock them for six and taken very personally. Emotional autonomy is thus a big lesson in life for a 7th house Moon, who is immersed in the dynamic of inter-relating, yet tasked with the need to establish their individual value. By establishing adequate boundaries the Moon person can operate with some autonomy and refrain from the overwhelming need for acceptance through other people. In romantic partnership this can be a hard task, as the dependent nature of relationships means some enmeshment – yet with conscious effort the Moon person can satisfactorily establish where they begin and another ends. Having strong urges to care for others and give from the heart, the 7th house Moon is often satisfied in being emotionally demonstrative, generous and compassionate. Considering the welfare of others comes naturally to a 7th house Moon, who likes the beauty of relationships and this can set them up for being great counsellors, inspiring friends and coaches.

Moon 6th House

Developing a sense of competency at something is important to a 6th house Moon. As the Virgoan nature of this house imprints the lunar spirit with a need to perfect themselves in something that is purposeful. The 6th house refers to the minutia of our daily life and routine tasks we must address no matter how tedious. It’s the place of little wins and feelings of achievement in getting through the day, which the Moon here increases in significance. As the management of this house directly impacts one’s emotional wellbeing, the Moon person is attached to getting things done especially in mind of the detail. The Moon person can be very hard-working and emotionally enlivened by fulfilling their daily duties, in a manner that demonstrates 6th house diligence, competency and personal productivity. The perfectionist element of this house can also imbue the Moon person with a consistent need to put forward their best, in the work they perform and also in maintaining satisfying peer relationships. As the Moon is characterised by the need for things to feel familiar and safe, the workplace environment is where the Moon can feel right at home with colleagues that feel like family. However, if the highly sensitised Moon isn’t functioning in a conducive atmosphere, they can feel very poorly (6th house health matters) and emotionally derailed which vastly affects their home life and relationships. Emotional satisfaction is largely dependent on the quality of the Moon’s sense of personal competency and that is often through work which has a powerful impact upon their self-worth and job performance. The health related aspect of this house is also linked closely to the Moon, and health regimes implemented in concert with their daily schedule can produce a sense of peace and emotional equilibrium. The Moon persons urge to nurture through the 6th house can be found in various occupations, that carry an underlying sense of service, like teaching and mentoring or health related industries that explore the body-mind connection. Being useful to others in a practical way can greatly satisfy the Moon, as well as honing a craft or skillset that can be shared with others and provide them tools for self-improvement.

Moon 5th House

The enterprising spirit of the 5th house imbues the Moon with liveliness and energy. The natural Leonine nature can embolden the Moon person to take risks in the name of fun and creativity. Being emotionally driven to express oneself and tormented if it doesn’t come to pass – this placement is the foreground to live out creative pursuits and channel the Moons talents and desires to bring joy to the world. Acting, writing, art, poetry, dance, film, theatre, business or sports to name a’s a very active placement for the Moon that also favours social engagement and positive feedback from the surroundings and people their involved with. Markedly different from the retiring 12th house or other water areas in the chart, the Moon person is influenced by fire and a need to surge ahead with delight. Aspects to the Moon in the 5th house reveal the larger story, about one’s creative nature and the ambitions, blockages or free-flowing energy that underscores the persistent urges toward self-expression and emotional stability. The nurturing propensity of the Moon is also motivated by effervescent qualities, that are often demonstrated through 5th house flair, games and wide armed generosity. Being attuned to one’s inner child, the Moon person is in need of entertainment and play, being young at heart there’s a persistent need to share that orientation, otherwise one can descend into moodiness and despair. The child-like spirit can be a joy to be around and also relate to having children of one’s own, where the Moon person can nurture and raise them with warmth, protection and enthusiasm in inspiring them to be themselves. As a 5th house Moon is urged to reach out to others and often be a source of buoyancy, appreciating their efforts in what they produce can boost the Moon person’s self-esteem and sense of making a difference in the lives of people they meet. As this house is originally ruled by the Sun which is confident and self-expressive, the tender Moon is often emboldened to take risks and express their inner world. Dabbling in creativity and imagination are key to satisfying a 5th house Moon, who finds emotional prosperity in exploring the fun side of life and sharing it with others they know. As the Leonine signature of this house also feels happy when others do, the Moon in this space can strive toward inspiring others to be happy, have fun and harness the joys inherent in nearly every situation, which adds 5 good years to their life total.

4th House

The roots of the chart are symbolised by the 4th house and indicate where our domestic ‘stuff’ is stored. It’s the place of our early upbringing, family history and relationships and caregiving that we have a like and dislike of. This space indicates our personal attachments to the version of what we call home, the maternal connection and the inner dwellings of our private dreams and reflections. With the Moon tucked away in this space all these matters become very significant in life and deepened by the Moon’s resonance as the houses natural ruler. The condition of the Moon will indicate the particulars of how emotional satisfaction here is found, as well as the hardships one may endure, which challenges their need to gain inner contentment and love. As the home front carries so much gravity in the life of a 4th house Moon, one can be very attached to their physical space - even in moving locations frequently, as they feel so connected to their surroundings. In times of distress the home is where the Moon person reactively retreats and can be hard to coax out of the four walls they’re dependent on keeping safe. Also being a place to inspire creativity and inspiration in one’s life, the Moon person can have a rich imagination and talents directed toward beautifying their surroundings. Family life and the bonds that are shared can be the most durable here, at the point of refraining to leave one’s nest in lieu of exploring the larger atmosphere. The Moon person can be a very internal worker who’s deeply connected to their psychological world, and sometimes dwell too frequently upon their memories that induce periods of grief and lamentation. Being so connected to the past, the Moon person can however be an avid student of history and love to learn about days gone by, that provide so many wonderful lessons to life contemporary. The 4th house Moon can also characterise someone with a distinct parental mood, even if not a parent themselves the paternal instinct comes naturally to them and exhibited with naturalness. The fundamental emotional bonds that keep human connections intact can also be a big priority in the life of the Moon. Cultivated in a spirit of loyalty, they're passionately protective of their relationships and patriotically defensive of their property, identity and national heritage. The nature of this house is deep and deepened when the Moon enters this space, producing lifelong themes in learning how to balance emotional needs in domestic life in ways that are happy and satisfying.

Moon 3rd House

When the Moon falls into this part of the chart, emotional intelligence is found. The Moon is imbued with an innate ability to blend logic and intuition, which enables the Moon person to communicate in ways that are logical and even profound. Feelings can be easily discussed as the mental-emotional body is strongly connected, and motivates the Moon person to share their responses with others and develop a connection. Occupations for someone with the Moon in this house would ideally support their need for emotional expression, that is passionate, impulsive and heartfelt - lending them toward teaching, performing, public speaking, writing, commerce and public relations. However, passions churning within the Moon person's mind can sometimes overwhelm their rational thinking, which keeps them vehemently attached to an opinion like a bulldog clutching your ankle. Within a debate this is where the Moon person thrives as they can hold their own – so be careful in arguing with a 3rd house Moon who’s inspirited by challenging discourse. Supporting a 3rd house Moon lies in the art of being present and listening to their many opinions and views, which provides them emotional reassurance. Even if one disagrees with their ideas the Moon person appreciates being heard and can feel a sense of validation in what they share with others. As the Moon person loves to connect with people this placement can produce humorous storytellers, with vivid imaginations who adore the impactful nature of language, that is best used as a vehicle to express inner workings of the mind and their hearts deep feelings. The Moon likes to nurture this way and feels inspired in sharing their personal views, that may teach others something interesting and inspire them in their personal growth. Sibling relationships found within this house can be strongly bound by lunar signatures and the fraternal dynamic can be extended to others who elicit similar feelings. Short trips also reside in the 3rd house and the lunar person can be urged to move around regularly, for jobs or whimsically at the prompt of tempting feelings that direct them toward exciting discoveries in new locations. Emotional happiness for the Moon person in the 3rd house is definitely through some animated discourse, variety in subject matters that touch their heart and enable them to express knowledge they feel passionate about.

Moon 2nd House

The Moon situated in the house of its exaltation can produce strong needs for emotional security, in the accumulation of possessions, financial income, steady work and a robust self-esteem. Materialistic urges are pronounced as this space reflects the physical plane and emphasises a focus on resource, shelter and gain. One’s earning capacity is intimately related to how the Moon person values themselves and the condition of Luna provides clues to the self-perception and subsequent material goals. Fluctuating income can challenge the Moon person's self-worth much more than others, who care less about the effect monetary changes have on their lifestyle. There’s a tenacious nature imbued within this house that enables the Moon person to achieve their goals and ensure tangible results are met - not remaining a dream or ideal. The receptive side of this house imprinted by the Taurean energy, can also enkindle the Moon person’s need for emotional satisfaction through sensory stimulation and sensual experiences. Things that nourish their appetite for such connections can centre around a love of food, physical activities in the joys of nature, craft, play and music. In relationship, the Moon person can be very security conscious and practical in offering their love, and demonstrating firm attachments to people they view as steady and safe. When the 2nd house Moon is balanced they can extend themselves to the world through steadfast tenderness and loyalty and be a rock for anyone needing shelter and practical security.

Moon 1st House

The Moon is at its most ‘visible’ within the house of our projected personality. Someone with this Moon placement makes a big impression on others and motivated by unyielding urges toward self-expression and vocalising their feelings. The 1st house represents our physical body and outward engagement with the world so the Moon’s emotional impulses need an outlet, being tempered with physical restlessness and an outspoken attitude. The Moon person often has many views that they are passionate about and impatient to release. Being both seen and heard, 1st house Moon is quite a character to behold as they're so in tune with their surging emotional needs that can be pressure filled. The original Arian nature of this space fires up the emotional energy and opens the flood gates wide to release a tidal wave of thoughts and (at times) argumentative feelings. Used advantageously, certain situations can be wonderful conduits for the expression of a 1st house Moon - like public speaking, activist roles, acting and entertainment avenues. As the Moon person’s feelings lie right on their sleeve, their patterns of emotional reactivity are blatant and appreciative to those who can handle the brusqueness of what they're feeling. The 1st house also represents the face and place we register our feelings - making it nigh impossible for the Moon person to conceal their inner mood, which is splayed across their face animatedly and quite often hilarious. Heightened emotional instinct is another gem for the 1st house Moon and this quality can be wonderful in responding to other people’s needs, taking on management roles and supporting others with understanding. Responding to a 1st house Moon in ways that helps them feel safe, can be to acknowledge their self-expression and validate their emotions that are flavoured with intensity. Taking up challenges boldly in life is the force of a 1st house Moon, who is wilful and super present within their interactions and live a life on charge, being emotionally fired up to break the mould.

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