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Seasonal Change - December 2020

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

What a monumental year 2020 has been with the convergence of the super stellium in Capricorn. We’ve seen blockbusting events shake the earth, through major collapses (Pluto) in social and economic structures (Saturn/Jupiter), the curtailment (Saturn) of freedoms (Jupiter) and changes to our social systems.

Ensuring 2020 is a year not forgotten, these heavy-weights have ended their recent synodic cycle with a bang. Most notably through restrictive government ordinances and stringent rules upon our livelihoods and behaviour. As ongoing survival threats (Pluto/Cap 23° square Eris/Aries 23°) have stoked fear around the world and dealt us a huge existential blow, periodic breakdowns (Pluto) like these mercifully reveal breakthroughs, as they provide us with an opportunity to work with the turmoil and review our lives in light of what’s truly ‘essential’.

Periodic breakdowns (Pluto) like these though, mercifully reveal breakthroughs. As they provide us with a personal and collective opportunity, to work with the turmoil and review our lives in light of what’s truly ‘essential’.

As we move into 2021, a new chapter also begins with the Great conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter 00° Aquarius, relieving the hard-worn crust of earth and forming the closest alignment they’ve had together these past 800 years. This shift in gears through elemental change brings about a very different experience, as the celestial bodies established in earth for several centuries will now converge in Air signs until 2140. The former focus on the material world, practical needs, resource and survival - shifts to the realm of communication, ideas and more technological innovation.

Aquarius as the forerunner of this trend, impels an appetite for change. Breaking away from the stifling energy we’ve felt, to pave a brighter future with social advancements and new intellectual ideas. The Solar Eclipse 14 December at 23° Sagittarius, infuses the atmosphere with similar visions, toward expansiveness and needs for personal freedom as we steer toward a new year of experiences.

Wherever the Great conjunction transits your natal chart – new developments can be underscored, along with a fresh mindset to improve your future with vigour to reach new goals. Jupiter’s abundant nature likes to give and grow exponentially, seeding a time of joy and hope in our lives to cultivate something positive. Saturn as the master of control sits beside this influence, to restrain and direct Jupiter’s idealism more pointedly. Strategic implementation is the name of Saturn’s game, enabling the actualisation of Jupiter’s ideas and bigger picture thinking.

Personally, you might like to harness this energy and direct it to some form of achievement – catching the wave of high spirited energy (Jupiter) in certain areas of your chart with the foresight to make it functional (Saturn).

The Great conjunction merges at the December solstice period (21/22), to invigorate the season with a sense of new beginnings and with Uranus turning direct from retrograde 14 January, it could be another reason to start the year fresh and tackle 2021 with Uranian spunk and confidence.

Happy Christmas - wishing you a safe and happy break and all the best for the New Year!

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