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Seasonal Change - Solstice 2019

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Here we go again, the end of year - or thereabouts, where we reach the culmination of an era to begin a new decade in time. This period marks the calendar of where many Southern ‘hemisphereans’ will certainly be celebrating by swimming in cool waters during the annual heat while those in the North undertake their special rituals and festivities at this year’s end and winter seasonal change.

In the sky, the quintet of planets in percussion converge to strike an uproarious sound - Pluto and Saturn play together in no-nonsense Capricorn at the end of scale 2 degrees apart while the South Node, Jupiter and Sun harmonise at the beginning of sign.

This stellium has been building up for much of the year and many predictions have been made about the impact it will make. And coinciding with a solar eclipse the day after Christmas something notable is bound to transpire. Back in 2001 when Pluto and Saturn were in opposition the Sept 11 event shocked the world and in 1982 to 1983 the AIDS epidemic took hold.

On a personal level, these formidable forces impact our natal chart with gravity, and are unlikely to happen without our notice as Pluto and Saturn deeply transform parts of our psyche. With Jupiter toning down his upbeat spirits for a year in the sign of stoic Capricorn, a sombre and ‘realistic’ attitude of enterprising spirit and careful execution of tasks occurs, with newfound strategic vision.

For people born under this incredibly pragmatic alignment, it will be interesting to see down the track, whether they're inclined to establishing 'traditional' values that are associated with earth energy through a resurgence of former family values and social practises.

Aside from this impressive planetary configuration that takes us into 2020, we can see that the Moon is at 9 degrees Scorpio today and fast approaching its sunny mate to close the monthly cycle in Capricorn - solar eclipsing right before it hits the threshold of the new year in Pisces....and it all begins again.

Happy Christmas and New Year!

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