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Super Stellium - Landmark of 2020

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

From mid-February a super stellium of planets in the sign of Capricorn have converged with Mars entering on the 16th to escalate activity and fears surrounding the most prominent issue to date - Coronavirus COVID-19.

With powerfully driven social structures and economies (Saturn and Jupiter) transforming through crisis, change and fear (Pluto and Saturn) disease and primal survival needs (Pluto and Mars) emerge globally (Jupiter and South Node) to challenge us with another upheaval at the dawn of a new era (2020).

The last time a stellium (group) of outer planets united to exert their force in Capricorn ’89-1991 (Saturn, Uranus and Neptune), the Berlin wall came down along with tense divisions between people longing for social reform and personal freedom. National independence was also secured at this time by Soviet ruled countries during the Cold War, as dreams of autonomous governance became realised through Uranus shattering existing paradigms and electrifying radical change while Neptune aided in dissolving them.

Today’s current climate sees quite a different scenario as industries and individual’s grapple with the sudden economic downturn. When Saturn and Pluto converge every 33.42 years we see major 8th and 10th house themes concerning banks, debts, investments, survival and security, leadership, governance, depression, drama, corruption and disease. The reset of this synodic cycle is momentous and etches out a significant time in history, evident now by the famed Coronavirus and also the forecasted global financial recession.

Pluto’s influence has enduring effects upon the tangible world (Saturn), as leaders of societies are forced to transform operating systems that have been running on empty into something more sustainable. Death of the old ways and enforced austerity (Pluto/Saturn) facilitate needed change from two formidable planets, as the unconscious is made known by a sweeping virus that has also highlighted a deeper illness. By understanding the underlying causes right treatment can be administered and good health restored to the people and planet.

Saturn will dip into Aquarius 23rd March for 3 months for much needed reprieve, and retrograde the 11th May for a while to sit with Pluto (and Jupiter for some time) as it tracks back through the restrictive influence of Capricorn early July until December 2020. Tension builds and disperses throughout the year as uncertainty about the future (Saturn) remains, along with deep examination of our attachments and goals to strive for in life and where to repose our faith (Jupiter/Capricorn), as a host of collective and personal fears emerge around our tenuous existence.

When Saturn and Mars unite in Aquarius by 1st April to break apart the current squeeze, fresh air can breeze in with innovation and solution driven strategies. The influence of Saturn in Aquarius is progress in action as teams of people band together with a united front to seek solutions in a new world of change that we must adapt ourselves to.

The beginning of 2020 has certainly gone off with a bang, as we’ve been forced to withdraw from lifestyle programs to discover a more suitable way of living. So as planetary cycles do their thing and produce certain effects, it remains within our grasp to monitor the responses we make to see the glass full or empty, forge supportive bonds with others and take greater shelter in our respective faiths / spiritual practises.

19-Mar-20 Stellium, Sydney Aus. 10:00AEST:

South Node: 4°36’ Capricorn

Mars: 21°45’ Capricorn

Jupiter: 22°35’ Capricorn

Pluto: 24°38’ Capricorn

Moon: 28°49’ Capricorn

Saturn: 29°45’ Capricorn


Stathis, G.A. - Pushing Through Time. Synodic Cycles and Their Developing Phases


Astro Gold – v.3.8.2

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