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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

As the satellite of the earth, the Moon reflects the light and energy of the Sun to nourish earth’s inhabitants and bring about the dance between night and day. The cycle of the Moon around the earth is the month that divides the earth’s year, roughly into 12 parts like the zodiac symbols.

A sidereal month marks the Moon’s full orbit relative to the stars, which takes 27.3 days, while a synodic month marks the new moon to new moon period known as the lunation cycle (29.5).

The synodic month is also divided into four quadrants of 7 day intervals. These monthly quadrants containing phases hold great significance in astrology, being known to imprint a very particular ‘mood’ upon the personality of someone, which is carried throughout their lifespan and colours much of their behavioural patterns and motivations.

The Moon planets mysterious and romantic nature has inspired many poets and artists alike, and pending cultural mythology, the Moon has been personified as either a male or female deity. In ancient Greece the Goddess Luna personified the feminine side, and in ancient Egypt the male deity Khonsu bore veneration for the Moon, including prayers of protection from night time travellers who needed a supervisory guide.

Luna is a very unconscious force within us that astrologically represents our inner emotional and subjective world. She’s consciousness that stores limitless impressions gathered from lifetimes experience of wandering longingly throughout the universe. Luna governs natural cycles in life, as well as femininity and sensitivity - intuition, instinctual responses, the past, mother, moodiness, cravings, deep connections, creative mind, maternal/paternal urges, neediness, reflection and emotional insecurity.

The effects of the Moon upon earth and its lifeforms are incredibly deep and its position in the natal chart can be telling of the said qualities as well as strides one takes to satisfy Luna's urges to feel secure, accepted and safe.


The Round Art – A.T. Mann

Art of Synthesis – Alan Leo

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