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The Glowing Globe

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

The glowing globe situated at the centre of our solar system is one of the billions of stars located in the Milky Way galaxy. It has an enormously powerful electro-magnetic field and produces unfathomable quantities of heat, light and energy.

In varied mythological lore the Sun is personified by a particular deity and Hinduism speaks of the demigod Surya who controls the seasons and their changes. Greek mythology refers to Helios the Titan who drives in his chariot daily, dragging the Sun across the sky from east to west, bringing about the day for mortals and dispensing life giving qualities.

Astrologically, the Sun indicates our energetic life force, how we independently identify ourselves and live with a sense of purpose. The Sun shines brightly and we like to as well, with a specific style (sign), goal orientation and creative potential. The Sun impels us to move forward and do so with meaning, actively pursuing our objectives with tenacity and determination.

The Sun has rulership over many domains that cover; sovereignty, leadership and independence, strength, power and authority - as well as teachers, governments, father, male partners, friendships and egotism. Physiologically, the Sun rules over the heart and spine, circulatory system and overall health of the body and its vitality.

Through evaluation of the Sun’s nature in our chart we can ascertain much of its astrological qualities and determine our path of dharma or duty, and to what degree we feel conscious of accepting it. We can also discover the enhancements and hindrances (aspects) that relate to the Sun’s expression and become better aligned with its superior potentials in order to live out our vitality with confidence and satisfaction.


The Round Art – A.T. Mann

Art of Synthesis – Alan Leo

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