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The Lunar Nodes

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The mysteries of the Moon carry over to the Lunar Nodes that represent powerful lessons for each person to learn in their lives. As the Moon’s slightly tilted orbit intersects the ecliptic path (apparent motion of the Sun around the earth) two abstract points known as the South and North Node emerge. These points are always opposite each other at 180 degrees, and will fall in opposite signs of the zodiac as they commit themselves to a full cycle of 18.5years.

The Moon crossing the path of the Sun to activate the Lunar Nodes, weaves together the nature of the past (Moon) and present (Sun) in an ongoing cyclical process of our complex karmic journey. As part of this cyclical journey the Nodal axis represents powerful points in our chart, that indicate both past and future life experience that we live out.

The Lunar nodes at both sides of the polarity harbour our desires, dreams, behaviours, habits, emotional reactions and fears, that are interwoven within our life’s story and influence our ongoing activity.

The Lunar South Node in the horoscope represents certain energy brought over into this life, via an inherited family pattern or ‘emotional or attitudinal attachment to some unresolved issues from prior lifetimes’ (Stephen Forrest). The South Node indicates an experience that has left a negative impression upon our mind and the ‘story’ can appear in our current experience as an ongoing pattern or difficulty, until we recognise and try to resolve it.

The oppositional point of the North Node however, beckons us to something new. The qualities suggested here are different to what we’re familiar with, yet seemingly necessary to discover and integrate effectively as part of our developing nature. At the North Node point we can outgrow the South Nodes grip and its concomitant stagnation. Feeling future oriented, the North Node has a pulling effect toward change and a new life experience.

The South Node however shouldn’t be forgotten entirely as its history is something we can learn from, and balance within ourselves via the gifts it disposes without falling back negatively into its territory. The following list describes qualities of Lunar Nodes through the zodiac signs that can influence one’s personality or consciousness throughout life;

South Node Aries – North Node Libra

· Personality formerly influenced by aggression, stress, independence, pressure, roughness and competition now drawn to co-operation, peace, harmony, courtesy, refinement and beauty.

South Node Taurus – North Node Scorpio

· Personality formerly influenced by immovability, predictability, materialism, obstinacy, possessiveness, need for safety now drawn to transformation and boundary pushing, fearlessness, sharing with others, persistent challenges to change.

South Node Gemini – North Node Sagittarius

· Personality formerly influenced by mental stress, narrow/detail mindedness, skittishness now drawn to broadening of mind, bigger picture thinking, confidence in higher values, faith and hope beyond logic.

South Node Cancer – North Node Capricorn

· Personality formerly influenced by emotional dependency and neediness, familial enmeshment, subjectivity, emotional drama now drawn to objectivity, solitude, independence and separateness, involvement in larger world, standing on one’s own feet.

South Node Leo – North Node Aquarius

· Personality formerly influenced by bossiness and self-absorption, privilege expectations, pressure to uphold a title and putting on a performance, craving recognition now drawn to working in a t team, ditching the performance, sharing without expectation of reward, authenticity in being different, activism.

South Node Virgo – North Node Pisces

· Personality formerly influenced by servitude, self-consciousness, overwork, guilt, obsessions with detail, self-doubt now drawn to letting go of the trivial stuff, internal connection to an unconditional loving source, less focus on detail, forgiveness, self-acceptance.

South Node Libra – North Node Aries

· Personality formerly influenced by co-dependency, subverting one’s identity for another, ‘doormat’, crippling compromise, fear of being alone now drawn to autonomy, courage, confidence independence, fighting spirit, freedom.

South Node Scorpio – North Node Taurus

· Personality formerly influenced by control issues, turbulence, involvement/interest in life’s darker side, ‘death’, power and sexuality, intensity, jealousy, boundary pushing now drawn to peace, simplicity, stability, security and continuity, developing self-value and respect.

South Node Sagittarius – North Node Gemini

· Personality formerly influenced by prejudice, self-inflation, dogma, fanatical beliefs, judgement now drawn to unbiased perception and judgement of facts, open questioning and curiosity, varied viewpoints.

South Node Capricorn – North Node Cancer

· Personality formerly influenced by duty, loneliness, ambition, sacrifice at expense of ‘softer’ side, strenuous labour, lack of emotion, cold view of reality now drawn to expression of feelings, connecting through the heart, nurturing, establishing a family/clan.

South Node Aquarius – North Node Leo

· Personality formerly influenced by some kind of rebelliousness, felt lack of specialness, outsider, not noticed for having individual identity, viewed as odd, disenfranchised now drawn to loving one’s self for ‘who you are’, expressing creative impulse, standing out, giving of the self gleefully.

South Node Pisces – North Node Virgo

· Personality formerly influenced by lack of body-identification and boundaries, martyrdom, addiction, lost soul syndrome now drawn to being discriminatory, healing from the body, organisation and system oriented, focus and detail.

*Please keep in mind that these descriptions are broad brush strokes persons may relate to. Greater context must be applied to the Lunar Nodes and their impacts on an individual basis.


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