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Cyclical change

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

On January 13, 2020 a new Saturn Pluto cycle began, marking the beginning of their 33 year synodic turn it also marked the end to their former one. With the switch coinciding with this year’s health crisis, their union went off with a bang - which is to be expected as the convergence of Pluto and Saturn brings two heavy weights into the same ring.

When Pluto and Saturn unite in powerful aspects, we can expect major energetic shifts. Through changes in economic structures, social systems, governance and political authority. At this year’s reset of their synodic cycle, Jupiter’s involvement took the tides worldwide. In facilitation of a very transformative period that we're enduring yet only at the cusp of.

The standout feature for this cycle however, is that Pluto and Saturn meet in the sign of Capricorn - the first time since 1518, some five hundred and two years ago. During this early period of the 16th century, the demolition (Pluto) of social structures and long held traditions (Saturn) began. The Protestant Reformation swept throughout Europe and the fervent energy of Pluto’s revolutionary nature enveloped nations’ unrest at the prevailing system. As the embodiment of strong-will and penetrating focus (Pluto/Saturn), citizens responded to the energetic impact with warfare that broke down layers of society and paved way for rebuilding it. With the effects lingering on for many years…some five hundred hence, the current Pluto/Saturn Capricorn cycle presides over familiar circumstances, as 2020 shapes up to be very heated with nearly every facet of society undergoing drastic changes.

Through crisis and destruction (Pluto) of the very foundations (Saturn) that we have come to know and trust, destabilising forces seem to bring down the hammer and prompt a complete restructuring of our existence. Prompting existential fears (Pluto), danger and threats to the world we thought was safe, the consequences of a Pluto Saturn impact can be devastating for some, or paradoxically liberating, as a time to rally resource (Saturn) and change presents. As a new cycle’s processes and concomitant results unfold over many years, it’s not the stars that dictate the exact course of life events, in as much as their response to our mentality and group mind-set (consciousness). So with Jupiter also in the mix, 2 further synodic cycles have occurred, marking the end of an era to begin anew. The Jupiter/Saturn cycle of 20 years occurred late December 21, 2019 (conjunction at 00° Aquarius) while the Jupiter/Pluto cycle of approximately 12 years occurred in April 4, 2020 (24° Capricorn).

These Jupiter periods coinciding with Pluto Saturn also bring about energetic turning points; in social attitudes we consider as norm, ruling powers, law-making and economic processes to advance society. With Aquarius ruling innovation and technologies, the Jupiter/Saturn cycle can signal the onset of more virtual processes, as the new paradigm shift ushers in the business of expanding innovation and a veering away from the industrial-manual era. Traditional forms of industry and physical production of goods may become more and more obsolete, as automated systems and advanced technologies replace people’s labour and even the need for as much physical belongings we work so hard to accumulate.

With 3 major cycles effectively beginning this year and several coming to an end - and the paradigm shift to the element of air we can understand that 2020 is monumental. The flux we’re experiencing is then not surprising as a big reset of planetary cycles occurs and the celestial dances (planets in orbit) energise our lives on a micro and macro scale. However as noted before, the planets don’t cause unrest as much as they respond to our existing activities and dispense the dues of our individual and collective consciousness that we’re always able to direct and improve. The symbiotic nature of people and universal energy is a very complex system, yet in becoming more attuned to a higher landscape of living, we can pivot outcomes to positive manifestations and keep faith in a brighter future (Jupiter).


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