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The Zodiac Signs (p.1)

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

The term zodiac is derived from the Greek word Zoidion and numbering 12, the zodiac signs always lie 30 degrees apart from one another. Within a horoscope chart, zodiac signs represent vibrational qualities and motivational styles that express a planet’s function that we experience as a condition of our personality. Having a dual nature, the qualities of signs can be expressed in a high or low fashion and the following list describes the most common that you might recognise within yourself and others.

Aries – leads the tribe with tremendous fire and grit as the beginning point of the zodiac. Marking the equinox point of Autumn or Spring, like all cardinal signs Aries is ‘self’ oriented and dedicated to initiating things with its bursting energy. Aries is brave, enthusiastic, wilful, passionate, impatient, bossy and competitive. It’s motivated to establish a firm identity, through independent will, unshakable courage and conquest.

Shadow side: Irrational, uncensored, forceful, impulsive, immature, brash, bullying, cruel, selfish, thoughtless, angry, argumentative, self-consumed, leave projects unfinished.

Taurus – is classified as a fixed sign that holds firm to the ground. Being distinguished by the symbol of the bull Taurus is associated with steadfastness, determination, loyalty, obstinacy and persevering will. As the lover of the great outdoors where natural beauty abounds, Taurus is your agriculturist, environmentalist and avid gardener who's proud of the home grown stuff. Aside from the sensual pleasures in life that Taurus can adore, it’s a very practical sign that’s instinctively drawn toward gaining security and a most reliable friend to be around.

Shadow side: Stubborn, controlling, narrow-minded, ignorant, possessive, materialistic, inflexible, lazy, obtuse, fearful of change, fickle-in-opinion.

Gemini – is a restless energy symbolised by the Roman numeral II or twins representing the nature of duality. The air element makes Gemini light, changeable and quick to move across the surface of life hoovering up all the material that it encounters. Being resigned to the world of thought, symbols and imagination, Gemini can be a very creative sign and master communicator that is tricky in its dealings. Forever questioning and conversing, this is a sign you’ll never have long silences with – just mind the distracted nature that present from the processing power of Gemini, that comprehends different perspectives simultaneously.

Shadow side: Shallow, flighty, insincere, insensitive, fickle, tricky, scattered, superficial, inattentive, unstable, overextension, emotional exhaustion.

Cancer – establishes the charts water body and is symbolised by the mobile crab, it can retreat into a shell of armour for protection when needed and does so when the environment demands. Cancer is very sensitive and feeling in nature, which makes it subject to strong fluctuations of emotion and moodiness. Being known for having deep urges to nurture and be nurtured in return, Cancer is motivated to experience these feelings through establishing a family unit or caring for others consistently which creates a sense of belonging it can call home.

Shadow side: Defensive, moody, smothering, overly sensitive and protective, snappy, clingy, boundary issues, jealousy, emotionally-walled, insular.

Leo – is a fixed fire sign and the symbol of the brave hearted Lion. Being governed by the Sun, Leo has a firm urge to shine and exhibit its specialness. Leo’s motivated to make visible its inner nature and humour of the mind – often seen through artistic expression, theatrics, personal ambition, music, play and creativity of all kinds. Leo can love to entertain others and bring a smile to the face, work independently and achieve some form of status. Leo’s not always on show and has an endearingly shy side too, yet never one to be the order taker, Leo’s a proud leader, competitive and has boldness to boot.

Shadow side: Attention seeking, harsh, addicted to drama, self-centred, vain, haughty, obstinate, bossy, jealous, moody, takes criticism to heart and hard to forgive, burns-out from over-exertion, disingenuous.

Virgo – is the feminine earthy function of the Mercurial planet that is grounded in practicality and making ideas real. Virgo loves to learn and work determinedly at whatever it does in order to actualise its dreams into something beneficial. Being self-motivated, detail oriented, efficient, intelligent and focussed, Virgo has a no-fuss work-ethic that earns it a gold star in performance and reputation for its relentless pursuit of optimum health, cleanliness and perfection.

Shadow side: critical, prone to chronic anxiety, slave to perfection, obsessive, workaholic, catastrophic thinking, self-doubt, runaway perfectionism, emotionally unavailable, rigid, demanding, fussy, paranoid.


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