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The Zodiac Signs (p.2)

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Libra – being air by element Libra has a very social, flirtatious and curious nature. Drawn to fellow beings for the enjoyment of human company, Libra finds itself through relationship with others. Grace, style and beauty trail alongside Libra wherever it goes and being the zodiac’s natural negotiator, Libra has an uncanny ability to use charm and sensibility in persuading people to believe in their course alone. As Libra is motivated to achieve balance and harmony at all costs – it seeks fairness in dealings that can result in indecision and ambivalence. Romance, tact and judiciousness are Libran ways and for one swept up in their amorous nature it can be almost impossible to break from it.

Shadow side: commitment phobic, manipulative, two-faced, co-dependent, vain, impractical, superficial, passive-aggressive, lazy, indulgent, insincere, aloof, in constant search of perfect state of balance – in denial of reality.

Scorpio – dives into deep water the farthest one can go. Fearless, iron-willed and hugely resilient, Scorpio is the most private water sign that makes the unknown known. Being motivated to unearth all disturbances in life and trudge through the swamplands of unconscious processes, determination, power and zeal are the resources Scorpio uses to support this. Depth of experience and emotional challenges satisfy Scorpio’s appetite for transformational change, which it deliberately seeks out in all its dealings to feel that it's improving its existence somehow, which must have a deeply profound meaning.

Shadow side: obsessive, controlling, seedy, vindictive, possessive, destructive, scary, too intense, depressive, envious, interrogative, intimidating, insular, unforgiving.

Sagittarius – is symbolised by the fiery archer, and archetypically known as the zodiac’s eternal traveller and wise teacher. Sagi's thirst for greater learning is unlike any other, as this energy is driven by an existential search for meaning. As this impulse awakens, Sagittarius can feel the need to find the 'truth' and bridge it through educational studies, travel, culture, philosophical enquiry, spirituality and religion. Sagittarius also likes to dream big and satisfy its hunger through freedom loving activities, that can incur accusations of inconstancy and at times immaturity. Though tempered with a big heart and infectious enthusiasm, Sagittarius is a joy and loves to remain devoted to a life emboldened by faith, firm principles and high ideals.

Shadow side: irresponsible, reckless, unreliable, dogmatic, prejudicial, oversee the detail for the horizon, immature, tactless, blind-faith, idealistic, fear of commitment, restless wanderer, live for the thrill of adventure, leap to conclusions.

Capricorn – marks a solstice point in the zodiac and is another earth bound sign, denoting self-discipline, responsibility, authority and duty. Capricorn is the bedrock of any structural build that we can rely on and in the personality this shows up as being resolute and reliable. Capricorn will see a task it values right through to the end, as ‘you start a project to finish it’ - the mountaineer displays relentless dedication in pursuing its aims. Self-sufficiency, sacrifice, commitment, strategic vision and good old fashioned elbow grease are companion tools, and these great qualities are what Capricorn is naturally equipped with to reach its many goals.

Shadow side: implacable, intractable, single-minded, emotionally distant, workaholic, opportunistic, reclusive, too cautious, authoritarian, restrictive, controlling, demanding and resolutely shut down to alternate viewpoints.

Aquarius – is the final air sign of the zodiac whose objective is to evolve. Through a strong sense of progression and need to make some type of contribution, Aquarius is allied with group consciousness and social changes. Aquarius is freedom-loving by nature, inventive, focussed and ready to lend a hand. As an air sign, Aquarius is naturally disposed to the world of ideas making it more theoretical than practical, in reaching objectives. Yet where pragmatism lacks, dedication and zeal make it up, as Aquarius’ boldness and often unconventional nature keeps it fresh, inspirited and always moving forward.

Shadow side: dispassionate, detached, erratic, unpredictable, disruptive, inconsistent, overly eccentric and judgemental, rebel without a cause, stubborn with ideals, anarchist, excessive emphasis on individuality in denial of connection to others.

Pisces – is the final water sign of the zodiac and its energy is quite abstract in nature. Pisces isn’t bound by intellectualism and rational thinking for its naturally passive and feels the world intuitively. Associated with mysticism, creativity and imagination Pisces is sensitive to environmental influences and this energy motivates one with the need to ‘merge’ into the subtle realm consciousness. Such a tendency can result in a drifting spirit and state of disconnectedness. Yet also incline Pisces toward energetic subtleties that result in great artistry, compassion and forgiveness.

Shadow side: lacks definition and boundaries, expectant of miracles, unmotivated, ungrounded, easily manipulated, vulnerable, self-undoing through addiction, impractical, vague, daydreamer, manipulative, martyr, reclusive, guilt-ridden.


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